SGPA Membership

SGPA Membership

Youth Membership $10.00 – Youth/Junior Membership (up to 18 years old) non voting membership – Includes a point system of rewards per level of interest and participation.

Farm / Individual Membership $25.00 – Farm / Individual Membership (Includes 1 voting privilege).

Farm / Family Membership $45.00 – Farm / Individual or Family Membership (Includes 2 voting privileges for family and I voting privilege for individual) The information listed above will be in the SGPA Directory, and linked to the SGPA website. If you do not have a website, a color informational/biographical one page webpage can be created for a small nominal fee.

Affiliate / Corporate $75.00 – (non-voting member) Information listed on the membership application will be in: 1] the SGPA Directory, 2] on printed materials, and 3] linked to the SGPA website.

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