Products / Services

The Southern Goat Producers Association members have a myriad of products and livestock that they grow and produce in a sustainable manner.  If you are interested or need to purchase anything on the product list, please contact us by clicking on the  ”contact menu”  at the top.   Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate producer.

LIVESTOCK – live and processed:

  • Goats (all breeds – meat, dairy, fiber, pack and pets)
  • Cattle
  • Chickens, Ducks, Guinea fowl, &  Turkeys
  • Guardian dogs
  • Sheep


  • Farm  & Herd Management Consulting
  • Vet Tech services
  • Livestock hauling
  • General husbandry assistance including hoof trimming and shearing 
  • Grooming service
  • Fencing


Goat Meat, Lamb, Beef and Pork                                                                         Asparagus
Eggs – Pasture and organic raised                                                                     Blueberries
Goat milk                                                                                                                Strawberries
Goat milk products including cheese, fudge, yogurt and soaps                    Blackberries
Summer produce                                                                                                   Figs
Freshly baked breads and cakes                                                                        Pecans
Decorative goat items                                                                                          Wool fiber
Custom metal farm signs                                                                                     
Decorative goat silhouettes                                                                                
Crafts (barn wood birdhouses, frames, and benches)                                    
Plants – Annual, perennial and herb                                                                  A