Welcome to the Southern Goat Producers’ ARTICLES pages. From this page you can navigate to ARTICLES (scroll to bottom)  that will provide information that will help you save a goat.  Some articles are not as specific or technical. It is always our advice for you to have a qualified “goat” veterinarian … you should have a relationship with a veterinarian long before you have an emergency … it is your duty to your animals to plan ahead and be somewhat prepared to handle health issues.

Forage Information for Goats and Sheep:

General Articles:

Many of our ARTICLES are taken from The Southern Farm News, the official newsletter of our association.    Our tips and information come from longtime producers, veterinarians, and others that are dedicated to raising healthy goats and sustainable farming. These ARTICLES are not meant to take the place of a veterinarian … they merely offer some assistance while you are in contact with your veterinarian and working with a trained professional, or unable to reach them during an emergency. We will update the information and give specific or technical information where applicable.  Help us keep this site current by reporting what worked for your goats and if specific treatment options were not listed. We will strive to list or give specifics when possible. Remember this … when we, as producers, force goats to graze rather than forage which is their natural preference, we create management issues.  Often times it is impossible for producers to be able to supply a good forage, but usually, grass is readily available.  Unless your goats are foraging on unlimited acreage you should be prepared to treat them when they get sick.   If you are a beginner, study often about ways to raise goats…get a feel for issues that other producers are experiencing.  If you have been raising goats for a while and you think you know how to raise goats because certain problems haven’t gotten to your farm YET…that’s GREAT BUT when suddenly something strikes maybe our ARTICLES can help.